Update on tech sector growth

Here is a brief update on growth in the tech sector, which we profiled in a special report a year ago (Washington’s Prosperity Depends on Vibrant Tech Sector).

From 1990 to 2012, employment in the state grew by 725,500.  The tech sector directly accounted for 115,000 (16%) of these jobs. Another 336,500 (46%) of the added jobs were indirectly due to the growth of the sector. Only 38 % of the gain (274,000 jobs) was unrelated to the tech sector. In 2012 the sector provided 209,000 direct jobs and was indirectly responsible for 599,000 jobs.


From 1994 to 2012, the state received $3.9 billion in B&O taxes directly from tech sector companies and $8.1 billion in B&O taxes from other companies on activities generated by the sector. Over the period, the state and its counties, cities and other local governments collected $25.2 billion in sales taxes on activity directly and indirectly due to the sector. In 2012 B&O and sales tax revenues totaled $3.06 billion.

Note: The definition used here for the tech sector includes pharmaceutical manufacturing.