Governor’s supplemental budget looks like a yawner … that’s a good thing

Gov. Jay Inslee released his supplemental budget proposal yesterday. The details are available here. Inslee calls it “a hold-steady budget in a get-ready year.” That’s a pretty good description.

The budget proposes a few modest new program increases and provides funding for increases in caseloads and school enrollment. That’s holding steady.

He also warns of continued slow revenue gross and the state’s need to make substantial boosts in education funding to comply with the state Supreme Court’s McLeary decision, which found the state was not meeting its constitutional obligation to fund basic education. That’s his call to get ready for a tough 2015 budget session.

After two special sessions to arrive at a budget, lawmakers succeeded in adopting a stable, balanced budget. There’s no clear need for more than tweaks next session.

We’ll have more on the Inslee proposal in a policy brief before the session.

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