50 percent of new enrollments in the Washington exchange are newly eligible for Medicaid under the expansion

Today the Washington Health Benefit Exchange released enrollment numbers through Jan. 23. (Last week the exchange released its December enrollment report, skipping its regular weekly update. The week before it had released data through Jan. 9.)

The total number of new enrollments through the exchange is now 323,762. Of that, 86,031 are in qualified (private) health plans, 160,587 are newly eligible for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act’s expansion, and 77,144 were previously eligible for Medicaid but hadn’t been covered. An additional 233,888 have re-applied for Medicaid through the exchange.


As I have previously noted, until the Dec. 24 report, the exchange had included Medicaid redeterminations (people who already had Medicaid and were just using the exchange to re-apply) in the “immediate coverage” category (now called “previously eligible but not enrolled”). This was a good change, but it makes it impossible to compare the current previously eligible but not enrolled number with a corresponding number from last year. Still, below are a few charts putting the numbers in context.



UPDATE: According to the Seattle Times,

With 86,000 enrollees, the state is less than one-third of the way toward its goal of insuring 280,000 people through the exchange by the end of the year. Officials have already met their near-term targets for increasing the number of people covered through Medicaid, and expect to make their long-term goals as well.