Kim Strassel will speak at our 82nd annual dinner

We are pleased to announce that Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel will be our speaker at our annual dinner on May 29.

In her column today, she writes about legal reform, “a big—if overlooked—issue in this year’s midterm.”

Mr. Braley knew exactly what he was doing by bringing up Mr. Grassley; he was conjuring the plaintiffs bar’s biggest nightmare. Under attack in the judiciary and state legislatures, under threat from a GOP House, the tort bar is terrified of losing a Democratic majority in the Senate. Mr. Braley promised that his victory would guarantee a new Iowa senator who has “been literally fighting tort reform for 30 years.” . . .

Majority Leader Harry Reid has kept House legal reforms at bay. . . . This all ends with a Republican Senate. The GOP, already bitter over Mr. Reid’s theft of their filibuster rights, won’t be quick to approve lawsuit-happy nominees for executive posts. Mr. Grassley is a long-standing advocate for transparency and legal fairness and is the Senate sponsor of Mr. Collins’s Sunshine Act. To the extent his Judiciary Committee holds hearings, they’ll be focused on asbestos fraud, the sue-and-settle ruse, and the need for more tort reform.