Nearly final Washington Exchange enrollment numbers

Yesterday the Washington Health Benefit Exchange released new enrollment numbers. Open enrollment for qualified (private) health plans (QHP) ended March 31, but the Exchange allowed “those who were unable to complete their applications due to technical reasons or experienced other barriers to enrollment” to enroll after the deadline. The Exchange is still working with some people to finalize applications, so these aren’t the final numbers.

So far, 164,062 people have enrolled in QHPs.


Medicaid enrollments may continue year round. From October 1 through March 31, enrollments by people who are newly eligible for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act expansion total 285,275. Enrollments by those who were previously eligible for Medicaid but had not enrolled total 137,930. Additionally, 416,852 renewed their existing Medicaid coverage through the Exchange.



The Exchange also released a more detailed end-of-open-enrollment report. This report includes all the Medicaid numbers discussed above, but it only includes 152,753 QHP enrollments. Consequently, the additional 11,309 QHP enrollments (and those that are still to come) are not included in the more detailed information.

According to the detailed report, of the 152,753 QHP enrollments, 77 percent received a tax credit. The average tax credit amount was $276.38. The average cost of a plan with financial help was $106.86.

Of the QHP enrollments, 25 percent are aged 18 to 34. Just looking at March enrollments, 30 percent are aged 18 to 34 — the young invincibles really did wait until the last minute to show up. That said, federal government projections were that 40 percent of this age group would need to enroll.

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