Here’s another employment chart

Here is another employment chart using data that the Employment Security Department released today. This chart shows employment separately for the Seattle metro area (defined as King and Snohomish counties) and the balance of the state since February 2008, which is the month statewide employment hit its pre-recession peak.

Two Washingtons Recesssion and Recovery

Seattle area employment peaked in August 2008, while employment in the rest of the state peaked in March 2008. From peak to trough the Seattle area lost 117,700 jobs. Peak to trough the rest of the state lost 76,800 jobs. Since hitting bottom, the Seattle area has added 155,600 jobs and now has 37,900 more jobs than at the pre-recession peak. The rest of the state has regained 74,800 jobs and needs to add another 2,000 to regain its pre-recession peak.