Strassel wins award for journalistic excellence

Kimberley Strassel, the speaker for our annual dinner next week, has won a Bradley Prize for journalistic excellence:

“Ms. Strassel’s Potomac Watch column is an essential example of journalistic excellence,” said Michael W. Grebe, President and CEO of the Bradley Foundation. “Her keen focus on government transparency and accountability as well as her important analyses on issues of the day strengthen the American fabric.”

Her column this week is on the Oregon Senate race:

The liberal state is competitive because it is a stunning microcosm of the ObamaCare disaster. The FBI is investigating “Cover Oregon,” the state online exchange that officials spent three years and $250 million creating, yet which never signed up a person. The cost of health care has soared in the state, and many Oregonians have lost their doctors. The majority of residents hate ObamaCare, and Mr. Merkley—a freshman senator who has done little in D.C.—is sitting on way-upside-down approval ratings.

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