Various and sundry links

  • Ex-governors ask court to let Legislature try again on schools,” by John Higgins in the Seattle Times: “The governors advise postponing the Sept. 3 hearing until after the next legislative session to give lawmakers the best chance to reach a solution not dictated by the court. ‘Without that crucial legitimacy and compromise, long-term funding is far from guaranteed and the State could end up right back where it started,’ according to the governors’ brief.”
  • Suddenly Every McDonald’s Franchisee Is Worth Suing,” by Diana Furchtgott-Roth in Real Clear Markets, on who stands to gain from the NLRB’s general counsel’s decision. Also: “McDonald’s has two characteristics that make it ideal as a target. Its outlets cannot move overseas, and employees have high turnover.”
  • Unions Can Retool for the New Economy,” by Megan McArdle in Bloomberg View: “if the labor law is outdated in an era of mass franchising, surely it’s possible that the union model is also outdated.”