With ballots arriving, here’s our take on I-1351

Ballots are in the mail or already delivered, so I thought I would re-post the link to our policy brief on one of this year’s initiatives: Initiative 1351 Class Size Reduction: A $4.7 Billion Unfunded Mandate with Dubious Educational Merit.

It may also be helpful for voters to consider I-1351 in the broader budget context. For information on that, see 2015–17 Budget Preview: McCleary Not the Only Cloud on the Budget Horizon.

An Elway Poll released earlier this week shows that 66 percent are in favor of I-1351. Newspaper editorial boards, on the other hand, are opposed. Additionally, last week the Children’s Alliance announced its opposition:

We are concerned about the unintended consequences of a change in law that results in a deficit of this magnitude. If Initiative 1351 is adopted and implemented, all other needs of children (including basic needs, such as housing for 30,000 homeless school kids, food assistance, health care, and early learning) would move to the back of the line for limited state funds.