Seattle businesses win when the Seahawks do

Some interesting data points in this TechFlash story on the economic impact of Seahawks playoff games:

  • About half of the attendees come from outside of King County.
  • Hotel occupancy rates are usually 50 to 60 percent on January weekends. “But when the Seahawks hosted home playoff games last year, occupancy rates jumped above 90 percent.”
  • Visit Seattle estimates that “visitors are expected to spend a total of about $6 million more than usual this month. That’s the equivalent of one or two large, city-wide conventions coming to town.”

As the story closes, “So football fan or not, that’s one reason to keep cheering on the Seahawks.”

Related: This week PubliCola questioned the practice of Seattle Metro buses displaying the Seahawks logo. Perhaps, given the economic impact of the games, Metro isn’t just showing civic pride but also good business sense.