Progress on Government Reform

In December, Governor Inslee reported on the progress of the Lean/performance management program, originally conceived at MIT and instituted by the legislature to create savings and efficiencies in the delivery of government services. This interesting reform initiative has progressed due in no small measure to over $6m worth of pro bono training efforts by many Washington businesses, including Research Council members Alaska Airlines, Premera Blue Cross, and The Boeing Co.

22,000 state employees, among them over 9,000 managers, have received training in lean management implementation, giving one hope of cultural and structural improvements within the agencies that could pay big dividends down the road. To date OFM is making modest claims of success, including $5.92 million in savings, $27.4 million in costs avoided, and $3.16 million in additional revenue.

One metric in the report that particularly caught my eye—with my driver’s license due for renewal soon—in 2013 “Washingtonians saved more than 1 million hours of wait time at driver licensing offices compared to 2012.” To study and perhaps celebrate other successes, you can view the full report  here.



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