New brief: Mandating Paid Sick Leave in Washington

We have a new policy brief today: Mandating Paid Sick Leave in Washington.


  • HB 1356 would require employers statewide to provide a paid sick and safe time benefit.
  • The amount of leave would be dependent on the size of the employer.
  • All businesses with more than four FTEs would be affected.
  • Employees could use three days of paid sick leave before having to document their illness.
  • Anyone (not just employees) could sue employers for violations.
  • The limited economic literature on the impacts of such mandates is inconclusive.
  • Seattle employers report no change in presenteeism even with paid sick leave in place.
  • Small businesses are more likely to be affected by this mandate.
  • Paid sick leave is an additional labor cost that, combined with other costs, would make Washington less competitive.