Annual Dinner

2014: The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel was our speaker.

2013: TVW president Greg Lane interviewed Bill Bishop, author of The Big Sort. TVW’s coverage of the program is available at this link.

2012:  Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post blog The Right Turn) and Mickey Kaus (KausFiles, the Daily Caller) headlined our 80th dinner program, with Greg Lane of TVW moderating. TVW’s coverage of the dinner is available here.

2011:  Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal headlined our 79th Annual Dinner.

2010:  The 78th Annual Dinner of the Washington Research Council featured Scott Rasmussen of The Rasmussen Report.  You can watch the TVW video by clicking here.

2009: At the 77th Annual Dinner, a panel of experts discussed the recession, state budget deficits, and unemployment, as well as the outlook for Washington and the nation.  TVW’s video of the panelists’ presentations are available at this link.